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Skype has become so ubiquitous, it even has its own horror movie. recruiters, 61 percent say their organization uses Skype to conduct video interviews.So, when small to midsize business (SMB) recruiters and hiring managers video interview job candidates—a practice now used by nearly three-quarters of all organizations—it’s no surprise they turn to Skype. The appeal of Skype as an ad-hoc recruiting tool for cost-conscious small and midsize businesses (SMBs) is easy to understand: It’s free and gets the job done when you need to conduct a live video interview with a promising candidate.With the average interview process taking nearly a month according to Glassdoor, any candidate you can safely eliminate before that final stage can save your recruiters valuable time.In the glass box scenario above, consumer video chat apps such as Skype can suffice.

But if you plan to use Skype as a legitimate recruiting system when your company’s hiring needs take off, you’ll soon find that the popular video chat app cracks under pressure.This often results in shorter time to hire and lower cost per hire.” Here are a few other ways your small business can benefit from investing in such a system early on: A dedicated video recruiting platform gives your company the shared tool it needs to interview a large swath of candidates, instead of just the one-off candidate who’s on the other side of the country.This allows your team to get face-to-face time with more candidates to assess them beyond what’s on their resume—letting great workers who may not normally impress on paper stay in the running for key positions.But when it comes to solving the problem of how to evaluate applicants quickly and effectively to hire the best among them, is Skype really a video recruiting ?Or is it simply a Band-Aid—one that will eventually fall off as your company grows and your hiring needs accelerate?

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