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If 2 people end up swiping right on each other, it's a match and you can start texting.

There is an optional short bio you can provide, and you can upload up to 5 photos.

I deleted my account and restarted, but I still find myself being pretty picky.

Since I say no to way more people than I say yes to, let's take a look at the interesting characters.

The function takes a date/time offset variable as input as well as the new offset value.

I still can't believe how happy and calm I felt now that a year has passed since my divorce. (See the original post of the shirt here, back in my “Flaming Hot Cheetos” hair days.) My last name is Ho. I hesitate to talk about dating and such here for a few reasons: But then I figure I already share nearly everything, and I really enjoy reading about other dating experiences from people like Sarah and Kelly.

A friend corrected my mistake and told me to start over because once you swipe left on someone, you will never see them again.

The trick, she said, is to swipe right on those you think you'd remotely be interested in, and then if you match and you take a closer look, to unmatch.

Is there anything better than meeting up with friends after work for appetizers and drinks?!

Grounds Café is so excited to introduce their new "Tabletop Tidbits" menu!

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Girls can want that just as much as guys do: For those married or otherwise committed folk who haven't used Tinder, the premise is simple.

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