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The only people working were me and his roommate that got me the job. I thought I had told this story before, but I couldn't find it on the link provided so it might have been on another thread or someplace else. I had taken a job as an English teacher at a relatively large high school in Western Kansas (about 1,400 students which is large for Western Kansas) and somehow I became the head of the department after a couple of years. It wasn't a big deal, nobody got hurt and the guy got caught, but my soon-to-be SO decided it would be a great time to invite me to a self-defence class. I had gone up to the school early in August one year to make sure all my teachers had enoung supplies, instructions and support when they came in to set up in the following couple of weeks. I wanted to post to find out about this because I realised I don't meet a whole lot of new people, and I wondered what the most likely situation/place to meet someone would be. Two of them did not respond back -well, thats all in the game, no? I went on a short holiday trip with Guy 1 and on another trip with Guy nr 2, and had a good time. Right before her big road trip to Texas her water pump went out. I sold her a membership, put her on a workout program, and asked her for a date. I took him back to mine after a philosophy society party that happened to be on that night... I remember well my first impression - "What a bitch! We still can't believe we found such a compatible person at work . I was studying for a French history exam with some fellow students and we were arguing over something Napoleon did. China Wife was taking part in the beer chugging contest but passed on the wet t-shirt thing. Turns out Lady Chance only lived about 3 miles from me back home and we hooked up over Spring break second semester. Personal ad, when I was 22 and wanted a male companion for hitchhiking (and maybe more, but I left that a bit vague). The girl who wasn't perfect for me and I ended up having an affair that everybody seemed to be oblivious to until we ended up moving in together.Those of you who know me have already heard it (and probably more than once).

We even stopped people in the hall (that I knew knew him) and I asked them if they had seen him and while they seemed confused at times they usually gave us some directions, but no luck aat finding him.

I knew it was her because the picture she sent me was the same one all the newpapers used. I'm sorry for the cliche, but it truly was love at first sight. It will be a year soon and we're hoping to be in one city permanently this year. Oh and when we first tried kissing a few years back, he said kissing me felt odd. Seriously, he was on his way out in a day or two when I was checking in. You may have seen her posting now and again, though the chances are pretty good, recently, that it's me posting as her when I've forgotten to log myself out This place really ought to start charging per couple-it-hooks-up. HI: Not unless it's you Phone numbers were exchanged after I signed the violations sheet.

The only ones that have actually worked for a while all started at work, oddly enough. We became best friends and stayed that way for over a year, until one day we both realized "Oh my God, he's/she's the one! Server problems would cease to exist Dread Pirate Jimbo and I met through [email protected] Don't let anyone tell you internet personals don't work - they worked jess' fine for us. 16 years plus together..still inspecting We met when I joined a local Star Trek/science fiction club after the one I had been a member of folded.

Finally we went by the office and I suggested she go inside and ask the secretaries because I had work to do.

I waited outside the glass-fronted office and watched her ask the secretaries where she might find the English department head. I've been involved with men (where "involved" means anything from a few dates to a fling to a serious long-term relationship) that I've met at school, work, through friends, a dating service, and Dope Fests.

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I watched as the secretaries looked at her as if she were a little strange and then point at me who, by this time, was waving at her through the glass front. So far, I like Dope Fests best, as that's where I met the (current) SO. Work seems to be the most popular place to meet a partner, which isn't much help to me because I'm a gym and tramp coach and while I'm surrounded by males, most of them are aged between 5 and 11.

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