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Indeed, being scared by campfire stories usually makes us happy.

“Whether it’s the ill intentions in each of us or the dragons and demons (the kids) may be facing in their own lives,” Johnson says, “scary fairy tales have important roles in showing kids that good can conquer evil.” Author Mitchell, who also teaches creative writing at Colorado State University, agrees that a good story is all about transformation in the face of adversity, or a hero overcoming something bad or even evil.

“And end with a life-affirming story, something funny,” Johnson advises.

“Particularly if the kids seem nervous, always end on a note of laughter.” Online resources for campfire tales WEB Scary for Kids: Boy Scouts of America: Camp Resource: Campgrounds: com/camping-activities/campfire-stories/ MOBILE APPS Coleman Campfire App (free, i Tunes App Store): Scary Campfire Stories (free, Google Play Store):

When she went inside, she saw that it was completely deserted and run-down.

She almost decided to leave, but she couldn’t go far without getting any gas.

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“The color of the witch’s hair, the blood running down the lips. Those are the details that will make the story pop.” Of course, it’s vital to note that while most of us love a good thrill, there are some among us — young and old — that simply don’t enjoy scary stories.