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Although trilobite fragments are rather abundant in some rocks, complete specimens are rare.It was only under the most exceptional conditions, such as burial by sediment before or immediately after death, that complete trilobites were preserved relatively unchanged.

Leipziger Messe Gmb H: Virtueller Besuch auf der Leipziger Messe Eine Reise von Dortmund nach Leipzig dauert gerade nur wenige Sekunden: Bei der "Best of Events" präsentiert die Leipziger Messe ihre neuen virtuellen Geländebesichtigungen.Because of their unusual and interesting appearance, trilobites are among the fossils most sought after for collection and study.Avid collectors continually comb the countryside searching for new trilobite localities.Many strange creatures have inhabited Illinois in the past and have left their fossil remains entombed in the rocks that underlie our prairie lands.One such animal is the trilobite, an extinct marine arthropod that is distantly related to the living crabs, lobsters, and crayfish.

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