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(Movie Rating: 4/5) In the fourth installment in the Millennium series, director Masaaki Tezuka ('Godzilla vs. With brilliant cinematography by Masahiro Kishimoto and excellent stage production by Toshio Miike and Yukiharu Seshita, Tezuka positions his camera in such a way as to revere and immortalize the King of Monsters, perfect for posters and promotional material, while also magnifying its size, perfectly situating its brute force and power for destruction.

Despite the narrative being fairly predictable however, 'Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla' manages to surprise with awesome practical-effects action and an unexpected open-ended finale for future entries.

However, the most obvious change comes by way of King Ghidorah's size and for taking the role of protagonist — one of the legendary guardians, to be more precise.

Actually, the plot itself involves a bit more mysticism and spirituality than seen in any of the Godzilla movies.

Low bass packs a strong, palpable punch to each foot stomp, scene of destruction and Godzilla's unique roar.

All the while, vocals remain clear and precise in the center, making both lossless mixes a great and fun listen.

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Four years later, the government finally decides to do something about the country's monster epidemic, or as one character describes it as "Godzilla's curse." From a script by Wataru Mimura ('Godzilla 2000'), one of the great aspects of this storyline is that it follows in the continuity of Ishirô Honda's 1954 classic, along with a few other Toho favorites, like Mothra and Gaira.

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