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Performance is a vital component of user satisfaction. In this session we will show you the way through the challenges that lie in front of you and help bring peace to your weekends and evenings! The session will also show you how to not make the problem worse!There are few issues more visible than poor system performance. Download files In this talk we share the results of numerous database performance measurements taken with modern releases of the Open Edge RDBMS. You should come away from this session with a basic checklist of things to look for that will help you identify the root cause and fix the problem.This session will describe how a database update mechanism can be written by combining the strength of Ant, PCT and Groovy.tags: Tools Download files A sound understanding of how end-users interact with your system is vital for the following reasons:1. Helps to identify potential deficiencies in business processes5.Provides empirical data to create a rational software roadmap6.The goal of any database administrator is to make the database perform as well as possible and avoid being the bottleneck. Among these are After-Image Journalling, Transparent Data Encryption, Open Edge Replication and a few other things. Mainly, that a disaster should not cause paralysis. This presentation will look at the sources of system failures and the simple steps to avoid the most common problems.This presentation will provide many helpful ways to ensure that your system will run as efficiently and effectively as possible. Join us as we go down into the Secret Bunker to see what we can find there. You need to act quickly, safely, and intelligently. Building with redundancy with a vision of potential failures allows systems to be resilient in the face of most common issues.

Mike Fechner will be explaining how ABL applications can expose RESTful services through Web handlers (Open Edge 11.6 and 11.7) and will demonstrate how they achieve HATEOAS style self-documenting APIs through annotations in CCS compliant Business Entities.

But did you know that Jenkins 2 recently brought "Pipelines", a new way to manage the entire application lifecycle?

This session will explain the concepts of continuous integration and continuous delivery through a sample application, covering build automation, client and server deployment and database updates.

Marian Edu will be demonstrating RESTful services exposing ABL business logic based on the Node. He will conclude his presentation with a short overview of ODATA.

Wim van der Ham will be demonstrating the other side of the story …

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By the end of the session, you, the captain of your code, will have all the information available to you to chart your course forward with confidence knowing that whatever trials are thrown at you, you will fix them with ease.