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The leading actress getting so old in this drama and don't like the feeling that she married with child falls for a young proud psychiatrist. KST slot, after the re-broadcasting of the drama “Padam Padam.” Source NAVER @[email protected] I know, always second lead.If he continues to have acting projects, and work hard, who knows, our Jinwoonie will end up the male lead someday!First 2 episodes already gives me bad feelings about this drama storylines. New drama “Madame Antoine” will begin broadcasting next year.If continue watch, I might end-up seeing psychologist. On November 24, a representative of broadcasting JTBC spoke to Onsen news, revealing that “Madame Antoine” would begin broadcasting in the Friday-Saturday [email protected] ..i gave it up at ep 12.better not to start at all coz kdramaland offers bunch of dramas ton times better Still can't believe that Sung Joon is 25 years old. Sung-Joon sshi, I hope you will be in the top 10 and favourite of 2016. The chemistry between sung joon and Han Ye Seul is so funny and interesting. Worth watching which is not only about boys girls relationship issues but all aspects of [email protected] I can't wait until you get old so people will point at you how old and terrible you are. It's ridiculous to point out an actress's age or if she is paired with younger men when their is many dramas and movies with unattractive or average older men with much younger girls and no one seems to point that out and just enjoy the show for what it is.

This drama is progressing really well so far, i hope it continues to do good. I don't know why people comments when it's not good you don't like it okay that's good for you and they have many others woman who's getting old and work whit a younger boy in a drama I mean it's a really good drama I like it don't listen to negative comments you should see yourself and think about it This is a very good drama of the year You will definitely learn how to read others in this series. Fast in speech means he has alot in mind and impatient.It did feel dragging in the middle there when the experiment conflict kept being tossed around between the two main characters... Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it just as much :) Props to Sung Joon for playing a role 10-years more than his real age and very believably at that! As I watched, I don't find the story so exceptional..I think Sung Joon sparkled here.This is the best I have seen him so far in a Kdrama. I am dead sure he enjoyed so much working as Dr Choi,as much as I enjoyed watching him...Coincidentally, the name for his psychological treatment center is Madame Antoine. It really isn't consistent and I think the acting is wasted when they did really good and the chemistry is just right. For my love for Sung Joon, that's a considerate rating.I'm disappointed about the plot, writing and progression of the story.

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I'm also glad to see Han Ye-Seul really doing great with her Kdramas after her disaster of a project from 2011. Sometimes I get boring with drama that to much pressure and want to watch romantic comedy drama. Sung Joon can act and I like him more here than High Society. I kept rewinding the part when he was giving a hypothesis on Chairman Kim to Hye-Rim.

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  1. Every character in the show is trying to find out who it is they’re supposed to be when their worlds are changed. All but one of my converted friends were fortunate enough to not have to experience the agony of waiting months between each episode for the next 10min segment that would leave us screaming, ‘NO!!!! The wait, however, is part of why I love the format of ABM.

  2. “The world in general knows that ‘escort’ is really just prostitution in disguise. “It just worries me that if he’s paying for appearance, that there may definitely be pressure on the women to do other things — sexual favours and so on — once she’s with him.”Mc Cance has counseled men who have used similar sites, which she says can become addictive.