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Kbrs rum sex cams

April 31— Paileyi on "peace to Industry^ have now been placed on an offlelal basis as a result of an Important dectolon made yesterday at a conference between the v,l, ni Uitn of Brl Ush Indus Lrip.1 the N,iti..nn! Horlick'ft U«U«d Ifilk, Dry Green Peas, Marrow- fats, 3 for S3f Unpo Ushed Rica. i Muis College Plays " Important Part Among Educational tmtitulions fiwai Made Honey Saap^ »f per lb., a Ih^ Vreih Cfalete Raffia^ lb. two "early btrdr* wan yesterday aeea ui Btsacoa HIU Park ^oruns - Mr Itefar A. -s-^ can APl Wi agavicg "•1 'hif-l ■ n »fv1 T hi rij (Saw ahe— What donkeys wa ani He—Kindly speak In the Aagalar 8hs— Well, what aa a« yea M It ms between the dancee. Look for theae ini- tials wben you boy So U by a U good VX-20f A P. Muu Oray sang a selec- tion of Hebrldean Scott Wi (f! Canadnin w-.-ni- en havlryi frr^ly indulged m sj Kat.'i of evrry jm.-'. Abrupt drap«7 or paaaii dip be- low the hem of the new ahaath flklrta. Radlotr Ma ifaa f Untune snter of di M nrted volomd and kog life. C Radlotrons CANADIAN Tewr asi dlws Is an Important event tn your Ufa. announocsna Dt osrdf, etc., ana im- portant for a wedding l«t us abow you the finest in printing. c*re of tbelr bodies, for tiv k.-.-i, Ki.,' in good health they woulil br nlil,-. to Ttsist the i Tiiptiitkm and craving (or alcohi^ and dru^. »llh Mtn h J, Stapledon In the chair In On- i*ri..fnr»- of tht- -hicf factor, Miis Lulli« Bown.n la Uoo Of the vartou officers, who *we eltcl Hl for tho oomlng term took place. Thf sheath (rown— It is bark' nut will It Unitrr long? Mi4t vou Win lat your nel Khbor.s try flrvt TTie slie*U) i.s tiui another natuml evolution in tfw p Iih--^' of a style cycle, for Uir exa*;t''T vi f-c ;o long that aonethhig had to ba daoa about tt. at tea last Tburaday afternoon, ut her home on the Island BIchway.

T By mw\H IN 4 Demonstration of Surcrr\' Ls Given Risdun 111 Four-Hour Clinic at Toronto Plasti by Dr. April M A mval rt"- importation of all rla B«i of Irnh tnuta. of unduly ii^i i lasim tbe prapnrtlnn nr fnnalea The raanlt. rnifteni ' • i biing^ouft, and all their ap',i raiv the pur- chase price of 990.000 if this, the final effort, is achieved, the monu- ment will be saved from .tu'h in- trusion for all time i' ntiiv ' dlffkmlt to restore to it lu old senile of lo ns l lh aaa aad weirdaiea— the road eni^aaer la so bsrr My eeat. Others who have been ui pointed to that p ositto n^ tncta dc Mcisni Oeotfa Nnttol L of Bumaby, and Chitrles Bft&MS, Of North Bend. and during his tem and unsattsfact DTT condition until | of office Rev. Sec Pages 12 and IJ CUNARD from Munttwl (and SEA FRONTAGE RESIDENTIAL FOR SALE . bf hrlci m ' H;itl on Mi.y i Nrw \iipoliilmrtila — Mr Oeor»? Iwi been sp- i 3, Justice of the peaoe for Ul'- p TOTtnoe. Italian Piano Accoi^ S and \ hr world's m OSt iainous make! Kach instniincnt is in .a handsome carrying: case and npr rblv rinished in nickel, ivory white or tor- toiscsheli Complete conrse of i Dsiriictkm with eftch in- strument. Relcher Bros t«N«»T««ba M* fcaeaa-p A* 1110 Doofte t Ml St. generally continued in a most crude i Father Calne. ' Aux Wary to fhe Brttaala Branrh of the Canadian L«glon, «1U ' ' n . .sprini: tl^*Ts ninde attrort- de-oraruin-s Duriiiit ttie after- noon with ladlea present were Mrs. Symbolism Plays Important Part in Art "Symbolism In Oriental Art" was the subject of an address before the I Arts and Crafts Club last evening in the c Jubroom K, Union Building, by Mr. Archdeacon Laycot^ In mnonrtti^ the adoption of thp rpport. w-irk done by tha asaoctatlon rt^ui u-n tiiat It was In safe haiir;.- Mlij. in Ju-r rr- mark*, noted with pli-a-surp ili..: recipients often refunded for a-s latanoe rendered, and thought thu was moat aattafylng aa it aqnaaad their alnoere gra Utuda f« bal0 given. suparlntend Ait of Neelect M Clilldrm of tlie Prov- ince, .-vaid "I ihlnk this report very graiifvmg indeed Too much run- ri Mclatlon for the post ' fifteen yeara.

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Tbetr Mm were gna Uy appreelatsd to Ow panats and atudenta of the «ol- kft. aiwi L'i UDce from lay U-afiiers Ii-om ihia Ca Umlic tw^hntil fur b^'yt.