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There is a short piece on the Music from the Movies site, which introduces up to Elizabeth-Jane Baldry, who plays the instrument: The fascination with recreating music for silent film goes ever on; Carl Davis is perhaps the best known composer doing this in the UK today, while Michael Nyman has of course dabbled with projects like his re-scoring of Dziga Vertov’s is another such character that was of course given ‘the silent treatment’ and the 1924 Hollywood film directed by Herbert Brenon is probably the first celluloid outing for the pesky Neverlander.repression, revelation, sexual neuroses, family conflicts and bad science…” (95mins Sat 20 Oct , NFT1 / Wed 24 Oct , Odeon West End) Here on The Bioscope we’ve had several items on the digitised newspaper collections that are available online, both for free and via assorted subscription options.The latest news on this front promises to be the most significant such resource yet, especially for those of us interested in researching the history of early film.The rise of cinema-going in the 1910s and 1920s was also the great era of recorded popular song, and many tunes were composed which celebrated the stars or were title songs designed to promote particular films.Among those to look out for on the site which have covers and music score available are: (1919) – composer: Pete Wendling, lyricists: Edgar Leslie and Bert Kalmar.

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It’s available from the Internet Archive in Dj Vu (3.5MB), PDF (11MB) and TXT (179KB) formats.