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The school principal, who wishes to remain anonymous, says he “struggles” with the case and thinks about it “every day and every hour.” He’d furthermore like a “dialogue with the government” on the issue.

When addressing parents’ concerns, the principal says he didn’t feel the need to officially notify them since: “there is no obligation for a school to go out and announce that there’s a student who has been convicted of rape.” He then suddenly starts talking about “taking the whole picture into account,” and the interview takes an even odder twist: “All three youths involved were our students here and all three are, in a way, victims in this case.

Brown accepted that he carried out the attack, but pleaded not guilty to a charge of attempted murder on the grounds of insanity at Southwark Crown Court.

The concept of trinity was not adopted by Christianity until the Council of Nicea in 325 AD. Even today, there are Christian Unitarian churches that do not accept the Trinity.

Searchlight Germany, March 7, 2017: A 14-year-old Swedish girl who was sexually abused in her school by two boys is now receiving her education at another school, while the attackers remain enrolled at their current school.

One of them, a 16-year-old carrying the Arab name Ajuub, suffers from an “impaired ability to understand what is right and wrong,” the verdict stated. Other school kids’ parents, as well as the principal, are now unhappy with the situation.

They were sentenced in December, Sydsvenskan reports.

Ajuub was convicted to 100 hours of youth service plus 24 meetings with a social worker “in order to learn to make better decisions,” while the 15-year-old is considered by Swedish law to be too young to be held criminally responsible and has thus been set free.

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'As he left the defendant was heard to say: 'I'm going to kill some Muslims'.'When at the station he was allegedly heard saying 'where are all the Muslims?

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