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Forced also by the undeveloped industry, we have found other promotion sources, and we have managed to keep this town also from an economic and social standpoint,” explains Mayor Tudor Stefanie.

Currently, Turda Salt Mine has become a model for other salt mines in the country and abroad, and it also collaborates with other salt mines in other countries.

Salt has been known as a powerful health remedy since ancient times, especially for respiratory health and detoxification.

In many ways, these two functions are the foundation of overall health.

Other busts in these salt galleries are of Mihai Viteazul, one of the most respected kings of Romania and one of Mihai Eminescu the most known poet of Romania.

Inside of this great mine, there are organized spaces for sportive activities and competitions.

In one of the rooms, tourists can see a bust of Decebal the last king of the Dacians, the ancestors of the Romanian people.

It took me over five minutes to get used to the massive galleries.

Speleotherapy originated in Poland in the 1950s, when medical providers noticed that salt miners rarely suffered from tuberculosis.

More details on touristinromania Photos taken by Marius POPESCU / AGERPRES ARCHIVE Lately, the number of tourists who visit it has increased exponentially — some 370,000 annually — and, at least in the past year, the number of foreign visitors has exceeded that of Romanian tourists.

The main purpose of these collaborations is the drawing, through joint projects, of other European funds.

“There is a European association of salt mines in which we have a representative in the management of this associative form, with Turda being one of the main associated members.

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Traian and Decebal are considered to be the founders of the Romanian people.