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Southport visiter dating

Since 1 April 1974, it has formed part of the Metropolitan Borough of Sefton, in Merseyside.Prior to 1983 Formby was in the parliamentary constituency of Ormskirk and after Ormskirk's abolition was made part of the Crosby constituency.The section of land between Formby and the coast is varied in vegetation, wildlife and terrain.This area includes pine forests: natural and man-made, sand dunes, marram grass, deciduous woodland, seasonal ponds and lakes.The common place-name suffix -by is from the Scandinavian byr meaning "homestead", "settlement" or "village".The village of Formby was originally spelt Fornebei and means "the old settlement" or "village belonging to Forni".Formby Hall is a Grade II listed building dating back to 1223.

The town is rurally landlocked; the land between Formby and the areas of Southport, Ormskirk and Liverpool is green belt land and is used for arable agricultural purposes.Holy Trinity Church is believed to be the only church in the country which holds a special service in which seasonal greenery collected by the menfolk of the parish and then twined into wreaths by the ladies is lifted into place as part of a service of worship in the run-up to Christmas.Until 1974, Formby was an urban district (Formby Urban District) within the administrative county of Lancashire.Large areas of this land are protected by the National Trust.Formby is in a temperate climate zone, with mild winters and warm summers.

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At that time Fornibiyum was also a well-known Norse family name.