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Taylor Kitsch: Yeah, I was raised in such a small town that we literally didn’t have a second language in the school. Teen: We just gotta know, what was it like to work with Rihanna (in )?So once I moved out of that town, we didn’t even engage in that. Taylor: I think it was a great call on her behalf to work with a director, [and] not to take a huge heavy role.When you were a teen, were you shy about taking off your shirt at all? It’s a different sense of vulnerability when you’re like that. I don’t eat it every day, but sometimes I’ll have a huge over-the-top big sandwich. Teen: Your character loses the love of his life on Earth. Taylor: Well, I just went to Africa and the spiders there are no joke. Teen: Your love interest in is kind of the proverbial “damsel in distress,” but she’s also adventurous and strong. Do you think you’ll take up singing at all professionally? You know, it’s just a matter of convincing yourself it’s the character and you prep enough that you just embody that character. Teen: Even when you’re in a routine, are there certain foods you can’t avoid, even though you know you should? I’ll definitely, when I’m not working, love a good greasy pizza. Steve Higgins & Artie Lange); Beck performed "Waking Light"Tariq celebrates St.Patrick's Day; Jimmy acknowledged death of David Brenner; Tonight Show Popular Mathematics; Kermit gave Jimmy a Muppet pipe wrench for his Muppet pipes; Kermit performed "Bein' Green" with Jimmy; Black 47 performed "St.Teen: Did you have to change up your workout routine? Taylor: Oh yeah, it’s incredibly disciplined, what I had to do for the film.

Mit ihrem "Wie ein einziger Tag"-Kollegen Ryan Gosling führte die Schauspielerin zwei Jahre lang eine On-Off-Beziehung. "Es geht noch nicht lange, aber es ist ernst", sagte die Quelle dem US-Magazin.Anfang Juni wurden die 36-Jährige und ihr zwei Jahre jüngerer Kollege bereits bei einem Date im Restaurant "Osteria Mozza" in West Hollywood gesichtet.she was in this beautiful gown that was sort of see-though and vintage and a diamond necklace… Demnach seien die beiden kanadischen Schauspieler "schon seit Jahren befreundet" gewesen, kamen sich aber erst durch die Arbeit an der HBO-Erfolgsserie näher.

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Bradley Cooper & Emma Thompson); GE Tonight Show Fallonventions: Kid's Inventions; Tim Mc Graw performed "Shotgun Rider"Tonight Show Superlatives; Never-before-seen footage of The Beatles' first performance on The Ed Sullivan Show (with Fred Armisen); Catchphrase (Jimmy Fallon & Usher Vs.

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