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Updating rivatuner

I did learn that view regens depend on the amount of geometry that is visible, so I learned to navigate over the model in plan or around the edges and then zoom in to the position I wanted at the very last so that the least amount of 3D trees and other polygon rich objects were visible.It even helps to always save the drawing in a view with little geometry visible.

As I’ve used the T5400 the last couple of years, I began to be dissatisfied with the performance in Sketchup, which I was using more and more in ever larger files.

I was interested to see that Autodesk still recommends the old Quadro FX 580, the 512MB card I now use in my old Dell Optiplex 740 [AMD X2 6000 , 3GHz, 6GB, WD 750GB ] a card which I see on Ebay for as little as .

The Quadro FX X8XX cards are all there 1800, 3800, 4800, and 5800 as well as the current 400, 600, 200, and 4000, but no Geforce.

Round 11,3491.5.13Mates, As I moved from 2D to 3D CAD in 2010, buying a used Dell Precision T5400 used 18 months for 0 [Xeon x5460 Quad Core @ 3.16GHz, 4GB RAM (upgraded to 12GB), Quadro FX 580, 1TB Barracuda, Vista Business 64 bit (upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate 64)] seemed a near no-miss choice, (this computer cost over ,000 new) but I was unprepared for the complex decision of which graphic card would be best suited for the applications I use Auto Cad 2007, Sketchup -now 8 Pro, Solid Works 2010 x64, Corel Technical Designer X-5, and Adobe CS4.

Quadros were and are almost universally praised for their 2D CAD capabilities and Autodesk and Solidworks have provided specialized drivers to optimize performance of their software using Quadros.

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However, it occurred to me that the lesser 3D performance of Quadros as compared to Geforce GTX should be considered as I work then and now more in Sketchup and other 3D applications- and with large files- 80 to 120MB.

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